There are currently 16,905 listings on the market in Manhattan with a total dollar volume of over $56B. The median price is $1,580,000 and the median price per square foot is $1,500.

Approximately 9% of listings are priced below $500K
26% of listings are between $500K – $1M
38% of listings are between $1M – $3M
12% of listings are between $3M – $5M
9% of listings are between $5M – $10M
6% of listings are $10M and above

Listing sizes with median prices
Approximately 11% of listings are studios with a median price of $589K
32% are 1 bedrooms with a median price of $899K
29% are 2 bedrooms with a median price of $1.9M
16% are 3 bedrooms with a median price of $3.75M
12% are 4+ bedrooms with a median price of $7.95M

Category of available listings
Approximately 49% of current listings are condos
43% of current listings are co-ops
4% of current listings are condo-ops
2% of current listings are multi-family properties
2% of current listings are townhouses

With interest rates still low (but rising) now’s a smart time for buyers to take action in the NYC market.

West Village listings are at the highest ppsf downtown at $2,242 while Chinatown is asking the least at $1,277.


NoMad remains in the top spot for highest ppsf in the area while Murray Hill remains in last place.


The Upper West Side remains in the lead among Uptown asking prices while Inwood trails at $542 per square foot.


Northwest Brooklyn price per square foot ranges from a high of $1,409 in the Navy Yard to a low of $812 in Windsor Terrace.


Williamsburg price per square foot is currently at $1,203 while Greenpoint is at $1,022.


East Brooklyn prices range from a high of $655 in Bedford-Stuyvesant to a low of $342 in Brownsville.


South Brooklyn median price per square foot is led by Prospect Park South at $798 and trailed by Flatbush at $543.


Sunset Park leads for median ppsf in Southwest Brooklyn, with prices at $713. Coney Island has the lowest ppsf at $438.


Manhattan Beach is the Southeast Brooklyn ppsf leader at $701, while Canarsie offers the lowest ppsf at $377.


Long Island City continues showing tremendous signs of growth with current ppsf at $1,244 while Astoria has dropped slightly since our last market update from $816 to $787.


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