From October, 2017

Compass has recently released Q3’s industry-leading research data and the findings are good news for those invested in NYC. The market remains strong as indicated by four main data points: contracts signed, closings, pricing, and time on market.

Coffee Time

You can find the best of everything in New York City, from art to food to architecture… and coffee is no exception. New York is home to a thriving community of creative, dedicated coffee-makers who are obsessive about every detail from bean sourcing, to roasting, to latte art, to environmental sustainability and fair trade practices.…

Haunted New York City

These New York buildings have a reputation for housing unwanted tenants – those of the deceased variety. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, take note of these infamous sites of paranormal activity and consider stopping by to take a look. You just might have a ghost sighting of your own!

An Update on The State of Affordable Housing in NYC

The last time I wrote about affordable housing in NYC, the New York City Housing Authority, or NYCHA, was facing a budget shortfall of $225 million and it was unclear how Mayor de Blasio planned to move forward with his pledge to construct 200,000 new affordable units by 2024. A lot has changed since then,…