My New (Real Estate) Home

After a decade in New York City real estate and nearly 6 years at a firm started by an incredible group of people, I’ve recently made the move to Compass, the industry’s most innovative real estate business model whose focus on technology allows me peak efficiency in New York City’s fast paced market.

Founded by Robert Reffkin and Ori Allon, the firm houses an entire floor of 50+ software engineers in the company’s flagship Flatiron office. Robert Reffkin’s résumé includes work as the Chief of Staff to Goldman Sachs’ President and Chief Operating Officer as well as a year as a White House Fellow. Ori Allon’s résumé includes the sale of his first company to Google, a sale which made possible Google’s current search algorithm. He sold his second company to Twitter in 2011. Backed by ten major investors, Compass reached unicorn status last year with its $1B valuation, joining the ranks of Uber, Airbnb, and Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, Inc. Hailing from backgrounds that incude Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, the Management Team consists of 17 highly educated and experienced leaders whose vision and collaboration have led to the company’s expansion into 8 US markets in less than 5 years. The firm now has 28 offices across New York City, Miami, Washington DC, Boston, The Hamptons, LA & Orange County, Santa Barbara & Montecito, Aspen, and San Francisco.

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I’ve lost track of the number of PhD’s and MBA’s held by the Compass Management and Engineering Teams, but their knowledge and work have made a noticeable difference for my clients and me. My favorite Compass innovations include:

Connections: Lauded as the Pinterest of real estate, Connections is a visual workspace that allows my clients and me to share and comment on interesting properties in one dashboard. Let’s say a client comes across a beautiful two bedroom in an UWS building. She will save it to our Connections page and I will receive an alert. I can then comment on the features of the building that she will be excited (or not) about, what she can expect from that building’s board, and any other comments I have about the building/layout/exposures/benefits/drawbacks based on my experience in the industry. This allows us both to eliminate the use of email when sharing listings so that we have an organized workspace in which to discuss and keep a record of all listings of interest. Any time she wants to go back and review our notes, they’re easy to find and share with anyone else involved in the decision making process. Let me know if you’d like an invitation to Connections.


Compass Markets: This super easy-to-use iOS app for iPhone and iPad gives instant access to current market data by neighborhood, price range, size, and sales status. It currently serves the 8 US markets in which there are Compass offices, and offers a more informed and data-driven basis for properly pricing a home and for strategizing buyer/seller negotiations. Download the app here

Neighborhood Guides: The clean Compass interface allows users to research NYC neighborhoods to learn about the area’s lifestyle, residents, what to expect and what not to expect, current market conditions, local transportation, and a “what you’ll fall in love with” section. All of this is accompanied by photos that tell an accurate tale of a day/week/month in the life of the neighborhood as well as a map that identifies the area’s northern, southern, eastern, and western boundaries. Take a look here.


Compass Quarterly: Described as a “print and digital publication that celebrates our brand’s core values: technology, data, entrepreneurship, and design,” the Compass Quarterly is most helpful from a lifestyle perspective. See the latest issue here or browse the archive here.

In addition to the full floor of Software Engineers, Compass also has an in-house Marketing and Advertising Agency with 50+ professionals from the most prominent creative companies across the globe. Direct access to the Agency means I can collaborate with Creative Directors, Art Directors, Senior Designers, Social Media Strategists, and Content Strategists to craft the narrative for and amplify the exposure of my listings through the right channels and in front of the right audiences. Listings feed through 120+ portals, to 145K+ global agents, and to 33 of the top international markets. Listing and branding ads are regularly featured in publications such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fast Company, Architectural Digest, Vogue, Vanity Fair, LA Times, San Francisco Times, and Financial Times.

Complementing the management and marketing arms of Compass are the Business Operations and Culture Divisions, which consist of 70 team members, as well as a 16-member Product Team. Also of benefit to me are my colleagues: the 400+ agents in the NYC office are industry veterans, many of whom have been my colleagues in the past, and all of whom are seasoned, collaborative, and forward-thinking. Read more about the dynamic team here.

This team and these tools allow me to better educate my clients and to save clients time when seeking a new home or selling/leasing their current home or investment. I would be happy to give you a tour of the flagship office and to introduce you to the team of tech, creative, and management leaders who have changed the real estate game for the better. Please let me know when I can show you around!


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