Q&A with Mark Holcomb, Communications Director at GREATS

fansMark Holcomb became a client of mine when he was referred by a mutual friend. We spent a good amount of time together looking for his home and got to know each other during that time. He had interesting information to share about style and fashion, and had a unique business perspective from which I learned a lot. I invited him to be part of my Q&A series to share his background, business perspective, and what his life is like in NYC. 

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I’m looking forward to seeing how this year in real estate plays out. So far, we’re off to a strong start, particularly compared with how flat growth was last year in part because of hesitation prior to the election. An uptick in activity almost immediately following the election was a positive sign for 2017. Here’s a look at the numbers surrounding New York city real estate today.

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Burgers: History and Favorites

The history of the hamburger is a hotly contested one, with several families and restaurants across the US claiming credit for its invention. Some say this American favorite is named for Hamburg, Germany, where the world’s most high-quality beef came from in the 1800s; the owners of a restaurant chain in Ohio claim their great-grandfather invented the dish out of necessity when he ran out of sausages to sell at the 1885 state fair in Hamburg, New York.

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