Winter 2017 Food Events

It’s no secret that most of my favorite pastimes involve food. Whether I’m trying new restaurants, attending food festivals, or cooking a new recipe in my kitchen or with family in Italy, I can never get enough. This winter offers a nice selection of food and drink-centric festivals around the city. Join me at any number of this season’s food-focused activities!

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Trump and the NYC Real Estate Market: What We Know and Can Predict

For those of us who have worked, indirectly or directly, with Donald Trump in the New York City real estate landscape, sentiments vary about whether his win is a positive or a negative for our country. He has long held to his business strengths as putting him in a unique position to stimulate our economy, and the stock market is already up over 6% since the election. Let’s take a look at his proposed policies and how they will likely impact NYC real estate based on what we know so far.

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