A Look Into “We Are Made in New York,” NYC’s Media, Entertainment and Digital Industry Initiative

Launched in 2005 by Mayor Bloomberg, the “We Are Made in NY” initiative was originally created to spotlight the city’s film and television industry. Along with a website and ad campaign, We Are Made in NY has developed a distinctive logo, which has appeared in the end credits of over 200 productions, highlighting the fact that they were filmed in New York City and employed local crews. Now, the “Made in NY” mark supports the local tech community, and will soon include New York’s fashion industry.

Image courtesy of wearemadeinny.com

Image courtesy of wearemadeinny.com

Since its re-launch in 2013, the “We Are Made in NY” campaign has grown to include more than 1000 companies in the media, entertainment, and digital industry. The website outlines the city’s resources for entrepreneurs, including subsidized office space, grants, and job listings at local startups. The website also includes the Made in NY interactive map, which shows where the city’s many tech startups are located and which ones are hiring. Companies with at least 75% of their development in New York City are encouraged to apply to add their names to the growing “We Are Made in NY” list, which currently includes names such as Birchbox, ZocDoc, and Curbed.

Image courtesy of digital.nyc

Image courtesy of digital.nyc

The initiative, lead by the city’s chief digital officer Rachel Haot and media and entertainment commissioner Katherine Olivia, generated approximately 150 million media impressions in the first six months. The content and strategy for the campaign was developed in partnership with local media companies such as Advertising Age, Mashable and WordPress. The ads feature photographs of local entrepreneurs and their teams and appear in New York City’s subways and buses. Over the course of the next year, “Made in NY” will invest more than $10 million in a sweeping range of initiatives that support and strengthen the city’s design and manufacturing sectors.

Image courtesy of wearemadeinny.com

Image courtesy of wearemadeinny.com

If you’re interested in adding your business to the ever-growing list of “We Are Made in NY” companies, or if you want to learn more about the initiative, check out the promo video below:

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